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Simply, Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Tulum

Deep in the jungle of Tulum, you can find one of the most appreciated Mexican culinary archetypes, the taco. While there are many restaurants to enjoy delicious cuisine in Tulum, few offer a gratifying experience as Zorba’s off-the-radar The Taco Bar.

The Breakfast & Taco Bar at Zorba Tulum is the perfect hidden taco spot along Tulum’s hotel zone-- and it’s just for guests. The local stand offers a variety of local fare, all fresh and delicious, adjacent to the spectacular private beachfront. You’ll not only enjoy the views, but you’ll also be tasting a piece of history.

Why are tacos so special?

Mexican cuisine has not only been in trend for the last few years, but it also made it to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

The pre-Hispanic ingredients of our cuisine have been used for centuries, such as corn, peppers, and beans. But when it comes to cooking Mexican food, it’s not only about the ingredients, it is also about the techniques, such as the use of the comal, the molcajete, or clay pots.

Mexican food is an exceptional representation of its civilization, colorful, extravagant, joyful, and creative. When we refer to “Mexican cuisine”, we’re actually talking about a great collective of regional culinary traditions, the food from Puebla, Yucatán, Michoacán, Baja California, Oaxaca, is completely different, but they preserve the ingredients, the techniques, and the essence, even when the outcome is completely different.

Tacos are the most representative dish of this cuisine. The definition of a taco is a rolled corn or flour tortilla, containing some food inside and some type of sauce. When tacos can get as simple as an avocado taco, they can also go to complex preparations with moles, meats, guisados, etc. The most important thing about tacos is the quality of its ingredients.

In every part of the country, you will encounter different types of tacos, you can find them on the streets in a little local corner, or in a fancy and sophisticated restaurant innovating the dish. But here is the trick, even when you can find a bunch of nice places offering this traditional food, you will always find the best ones on the streets or local hidden places like Zorba's Taco Bar.

The key is to find a place with fresh soft tortillas, and a great sauce. If a place has these two factors, the possibilities that the entire dish will be amazing, are huge.

Of course, at Zoba, we venerate this traditional Mexican dish. Being in the heart of the boutique hotel area means that restaurants are available at any corner, but we understand that sometimes you just want to grab something easy, tasty, fresh, and local. That’s why we now offer food on-site along with a variety of tasty tropical Mexican treats.

Providing a high-quality, memorable and authentic experience is at the heart of everything we do at Zorba.

The Taco Bar serves simple, fresh, and delicious local dishes a la carte. It is open daily from 8:30 am - 4 pm six days per week and serves breakfast and lunch items. For breakfast, grab a ripe fragrant mango and seasonal fruit with yogurt and granola, and order classic fish tacos for lunch with a cold beer or margarita to enjoy by the sea or in the comfort of your Villa. Fish is brought in by the fishermen daily and the tortillas are supple and soft. The traditional guacamole is an exceptional feast on the palate.

The simplicity and quality of ingredients is what make The Taco Bar a pure delight. The food we serve is gluten-free and can be vegan, vegetarian, and kid friendly! Please note Zorba's Taco Bar is exclusive to our Zorba guests - it is not open to the public.

¡A echarse un taco! Buen provecho.

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