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Where To Eat in Tulum

There is a flourishing culinary scene along the beach. With so many fresh ingredients and talented chefs, local restaurants are able to offer a variety of yummy foods and cocktails. There are incredible options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner within a few minutes of the Zorba property.

Some of our favorites include: Nu Restaurant visit website Nu is a beautiful outdoor restaurant specializing in high-end creative Mexican cuisine. NÜ is run by a group of talented Mexican Chefs and is only a couple minutes' walk from our Zorba Property.

Be Tulum visit website Only a very short walk from our Zorba homes you will find Be Tulum. They have several restaurants, including a seaside cocktail bar. Nomade visit website Nomade is a very cool hotel with a strong bohemian flair. They offer cacao ceremonies, yoga, full moon celebrations, and serve food and drinks. With several food options onsite you will enjoy the beachside food at La Popular or the more cozy Moroccan-inspired interiors of Macondo.

La Onda visit website Excellent wood-fired pizza and straightforward Italian food. Easy going and relaxed ambiance or you can order to go. La Onda is the perfect family-friendly option for takeout.

La Zebra

Mexican food directly on the beach with a casual and friendly atmosphere. Great for families with kids as there are play areas and they welcome guests of all ages. Thursday is 2x1 tacos. It is a 10min walk along the beach to the North - maybe a little longer with kids.

Hartwood Visit Website Probably the most well-known restaurant in Tulum and for good reason - the food is delicious. Hartwood is a 15 mins walk to the north along the beach road. Reservations recommended. They accept reservations through their website the month before your arrival. If you are a guest at Zorba we will book for you.

Arca Visit Website Voted one of the top 50 restaurants in the world serving fresh locally inspired upscale cuisine and amazing handcrafted cocktails. It is a few steps closer than Hartwood and the food is incredible. This is a foodies dream. A 15 minute walk from Zorba. Not suitable for kids.


Mediterranean flavours and our immediate neighbours. Gotta love the proximity!

Dos Ceibas

Our neighbours to the South a few steps. A good option for approachable Italian food and wood fired pizza. Easy, close, unpretentious, and family friendly.

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