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Travel Tips: How to plan your milestone birthday celebration in Tulum, Mexico.

Whether you are celebrating a 40th birthday or another milestone with friends, you may be wondering how to mark your special day. A trip to the tropical destination of Tulum, steeped in creativity and natural beauty, is sure to please everyone in your group. Tulum offers the perfect balance of fun and excitement, with ease and relaxation, to fill your cup and set the tone for your next journey around the sun.

Drone photo of the Zorba Tulum Beach, Mexico
Zorba Tulum Villas

Tulum is a destination like no other - dreamy, picturesque, inspiring, and easy. The nearby Cancun airport offers flight options from cities all over the globe and a private shuttle will quickly transport you to a heavenly seaside paradise. Tulum is a great option for a birthday or special occasion holiday with friends and family.

But where is the best place to stay in Tulum for groups?

Zorba Tulum Villas stands out as the best option for groups and families in Tulum. Zorba offers personalized services and a high level of care with an unbeatable beachfront location. The premium location allows your group to easily wander the famous Tulum area and explore the most desirable spots by walking.

Zorba Tulum Property Swimming Pool
Zorba Tulum Property Pool

At Zorba, we specialize in hosting families and groups. This is why we put together a list of our top travel tips to help you plan your group holiday in Tulum, Mexico:

  1. Stay directly on the beach. Location. Location. Location. As with any destination, where you stay in Tulum is extremely important. A central location makes group travel easy and stress-free because you are already in the area you want to explore. There are no logistics when going to the beach is just walking out your door. Our beachfront property is centrally located in the famous Tulum area with private access to the sea.

  2. Book direct. Booking direct not only saves you booking fees, but also gives you a better travel experience. The Zorba reservations and concierge team can assist you every step of the way. We will help you select the best villa, arrange private group airport transportation, and coordinate private chef services during your stay. From the moment you reach out to us 'till we say goodbye at the end of your stay, you are in good hands.

  3. Plan ahead. There is an abundance of incredible candle-lit and creative world-class dining experiences with cocktails and menus to tantalize the senses – all just steps from our villas. Nu restaurant (very close to Zorba) continues to win accolades for its elevated Mexican Cuisine and Nomade, Acra, and Heartwood are also nearby.

4. Book a Private Chef Service. Want to spend a night in and soak up the beach and the stars? Our private chef services are an excellent choice for that special dinner with your group. Our chef team will plan, prepare, and serve an incredible multi-course Mayan and Mexican meal under the stars on our handmade table by the beach. For a full Mexican experience, our concierge can also arrange for a Mariachi band to play some music and of course a birthday cake.

5. Leave time to relax. While a certain amount of planning is great it is also important to soak up the beauty of the beach and sea with no agenda.

Once you are on the beach you will have truly arrived at your destination.

Traveling with a group is about creating shared experiences. Ask us about private yoga classes, cenote excursions, and other activities to enhance your stay.

Group travel is a chance to honor our closest friends and family, celebrate the generosity of life, and gather in a meaningful way. Let us help you make your next trip both memorable and magical. When you are ready to plan your get-a-way, please contact us at

Zorba Tulum is a boutique property with 6 private villas for rent on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

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