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Thrilling News: Zorba Tulum Shines in National Geographic Traveller UK

Updated: Jan 12

Mother and baby on the beach in Tulum, Mexico

The National Geographic Traveller UK Experiences Collection includes a list of 50 top travel destinations worldwide. Only destinations that offer stand-out beauty, bespoke experiences, and unique and vetted accommodation options are included. We are thrilled to share that Zorba Tulum made the list.

Zorba rooftop with incredible views of Tulum Beach, Mexico

Whether exploring the ruins of ancient Mayan civilizations or delving deep into the Sian Kaan biosphere, Tulum's coastal splendour is unparalleled. Hidden cenotes – crystal-clear sinkholes that offer a refreshing freshwater dip -- add to the area's allure. These unique geological formations are scattered throughout the region, inviting travellers to adventure beneath the earth's surface. Local favourites include the Grand Cenote, Cenote Corazon and Cenote Calavera. The sheer natural beauty of Tulum makes it an ideal destination for sun-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.  

Zorba Tulum is profiled on the pages of National Geographic Traveller Experiences Collection UK to inspire travellers to embark on a journey of connection and discovery. This recognition is a testament to Zorba's commitment to offering an unparalleled escape where nature, well-being, and adventure converge. Join us on this extraordinary voyage at Zorba Tulum – where every moment is an invitation to embrace the beauty of life.

Zorba Tulum is a family-friendly collection of boutique villas on the shores of Tulum, Mexico. Contact for more information.

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